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Our Immunotherapy Protocol was first discovered in 2006 within the prestigious Texas Medical Center. This research has continued and has ultimately resulted in active clinical trials studying the treatment of Glioblastoma and Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma.

The following research is specific to Immunocine's unique Dendritic Cell Treatment, which is patented and the first of its kind. These publications provide both scientific validation of our Immunotherapy as well as review the treatment's pre-clinical and clinical successes.

  • Treatment Overview
  • Validation
  • Mechanistic Confirmation

Treatment Overview

The Immunocine Team recommends starting with the following four papers to develop a better mechanistic understanding of our treatment protocol and review both pre-clinical and clinical successes.

Th-1 Polarization is Regulated by Dendritic Cell Comparison of MHC Class I and Class II Antigens
Decker WK, Xing D, Li S, et al. Blood. Published January 2009.

In this seminal publication, it was discovered and demonstrated that Dendritic Cells possess a never-before-seen intrinsic mechanism critical to appropriate immunity. This mechanism essentially allows for the Dendritic Cell to “sense” the internal and external cellular environments simultaneously to determine if a Th1 Killer T cell response is appropriate and necessary (the type of immune response needed to eliminate viruses and cancers).

This phenomenon is demonstrated down to the MHC binding peptide level and is validated by a variety of measures including decreased CTLA-4 expression, increased CD83 levels, and increased IL-12 and Interferon-𝛾 secretion by the Dendritic Cells and responding T cells, respectively.

Taken together, it is apparent the Dendritic Cells possess a very detailed and important mechanism never previously identified and potentially critical to optimal immune responsiveness.

MHC class I and II peptide homology regulates the cellular immune response
Halpert MM, Konduri V, Liang D, et al. Faseb. Published April 2020.


Chemo-immunotherapy mediates durable cure of orthotopic KrasG12D/p53-/- pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
Konduri V, Li D, Halpert MM, et al. Oncoimmunology. Published July 2016.


A retrospective analysis comparing APCEDEN dendritic cell immunotherapy with best supportive care in refractory cancer.
Kumar C, Kohli S, Chiliveru S, et al. Immunotherapy. Published September 2017.



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