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Immunotherapy vs. Chemotherapy Side Effects: Comparing the Objectives

On August 4th, we posted an overview of how chemotherapeutic side effects differ from those experienced during immunotherapy. Informative, but broad, we decided to dive a little deeper into what really drives those effects and when they can even be beneficial.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Cancer Treatment

The relationship between cancer and oxygen is complicated, and nothing written here is going to change that. However, an alternative treatment option sometimes revolves around the use of hyperbaric chambers and ‘oxygen-loading’ programs, and as a matter of due diligence we should dive into the scientific merit here.


Side Effects of Immunotherapy vs. Chemotherapy: A Comparative Analysis

Cancer treatment has witnessed significant advancements over the years, with a multitude of therapeutic options now available to patients. Among these, chemotherapy and immunotherapy have emerged as two primary modalities.


Benefits of Immunotherapy at Every Stage of Cancer

In the world of cancer treatment, time is a critical factor. The sooner the intervention, the better the outcomes. This is particularly true for immunotherapy, a groundbreaking treatment strategy that leverages the body’s immune system to combat cancer.


Triumph Over Stage 4 Melanoma: Brock’s Inspiring Journey

Brock had his world turned upside down when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma in July 2022. With his cancer growing by 300% within five months since the initial diagnosis, he was given roughly three months to live.

At the time of filming, Brock’s rapidly growing cancer was nearing complete remission — and within two months following filming there was no evidence of cancer left by scan or lab work.

Now, Brock is considered completely disease free and healthy by his medical team. Since completing the Immunocine treatment in December of 2022, he has remained on a healthy path and in true remission, and readily joins Immunocine at conferences to support its mission. We wish nothing but the best for Brock in the many years of life to come.


Shining the Light on Vitamin D and Cancer Treatment

Worryingly, about 35-45% of Americans don’t have enough Vitamin D11, the essential nutrient that our bodies need for tasks like absorbing calcium in the gut and maintaining healthy bones2, 3.


Babette’s Cancer Journey: Remarkable Progress and a Future in Sight

Babette’s journey with Immunocine is progressing steadily, and we’re excited to bring you another update on her path to recovery. Now nearly five months after completing her treatment, Babette continues to work with the Immunocine Team, who evaluate her medical reports and scans to closely to provide feedback.


Boosting Immunotherapy with Dietary Fiber

Of the 1.9 million cancer patients in 2021, 600,000 received immunotherapy, a remarkable number given the FDA approved the first cancer immunotherapy in 2011. This growth in the utilization of immunotherapy has spurred research into novel immunotherapies such as Immunocine’s Treatment, but also in supportive approaches to enhance immunotherapy.


Diet Guide to Prepare for Immunotherapy

As cancer patients prepare to come to Cancun to begin their personalized Immunotherapy journey, they often ask if there are things they can do to “improve the odds of success.” And while there are a few things, the focus here will be on diet and how it could improve the response of the Immunocine Therapy.