The Immunocine

Medical Evaluation

Prior to starting treatment, every patient must complete our complimentary Medical Evaluation. During this process, our team will work with prospective patients to complete the Medical Questionnaire and collect their medical records for review.

The Medical Evaluation also gives patients an opportunity to speak with our Medical Team to address any questions they may have or connect our team with the patient's current healthcare providers.

Immunocine's only priority is

treating patients that will benefit from our treatment.


Preliminary Medical Evaluation

To start the Medical Evaluation, one of Immunocine's Patient Coordinators will provide you with an online Medical Questionnaire to complete. Once the questionnaire is completed, you will receive access to a HIPAA compliant folder to upload your medical records. Patients can also have their medical records faxed to Immunocine.

Once all records have been received, our Medical Team will start the Preliminary Medical Evaluation to ensure there are no immediate concerns with providing treatment. Our goal is to complete this process in as little as three days and provide the patient with the evaluation results. 

Final Medical Evaluation

Once the patient has passed the Preliminary Medical Evaluation, their records are then reviewed by the larger Medical Team, which includes our Oncologist, Radiologist, and Hematologist. During the Final Medical Evaluation, our team will be doing a deeper review of your records and also developing our treatment strategy for the patient.

We complete this process in roughly seven days. If approved for treatment, one of our Patient Coordinators will be soon calling to share the good news! If treatment is declined, a member of our Medical Team will reach out to explain the rationale for the decision and any recommendations they have for future treatment options outside of Immunocine.

Are you currently recieving

cancer treatment?

Most Immunotherapies are complimentary to our treatment and will not prevent treatment at Immunocine.

If you are currently receiving Chemotherapy or Radiation, you will need to wait 30 days after completing those treatments before starting at Immunocine. However, you can still proceed with the Medical Evaluation to see if you would be a candidate once those treatments are complete.

What documents are required

for the Medical Evaluation?

Medical Records

- Personal medical chart that includes all reports, evaluations, and summaries for the past 3 - 6 months

- All relevant records pertaining to your cancer diagnosis if not included in your personal medical chart

- Medical imaging reports such as X-Rays, CT Scans, PET Scans, and MRI's

Recent Blood Panel

- Comprehensive metabolic panel that includes Bilirubin, and AST, ALT

- Complete blood count with differential and Prothombin Time (PT) and Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)

- If approved, Immunocine requires a current Hepatitis B, C, and HIV screening

Not sure if you have everything to get started? Not a problem! Our Patient Coordinators will work with you gather any missing information and help organize any missing tests.


Is Our Treatment Right for You?

Before considering Immunocine as a treatment option, please consider the following inclusion criteria for treatment at Immunocine.

Our Treatment is Designed for Solid Tumors

At this time, Immunocine only treats patients with solid tumors that are able to be biopsied by our Medical Team. Unfortunately, blood malignancies such as Leukemia are not currently treated.

Your Immune System Needs to be Healthy

For our Immunotherapy to be successful, a patient needs to have a stable, functioning Immune System. Patients with immune deficiencies may not qualify for treatment until normal activity is restored.

Prognosis Greater than 3 Months

While our treatment has seen success where other treatments have not, our treatment takes time to work fully. Patients with a prognosis of fewer than 3 months may not achieve desired results in such a short amount of time.

Able to Travel to Cancun for 6 Weeks

Our Treatment Protocol must be administered in Cancun, Mexico. Unfortunately, if you are unable to travel to Cancun, you will not be able to receive treatment. Patients can either choose to stay in Cancun for all 6 weeks or visit Cancun twice for 2 weeks at a time.


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