Revolutionizing Breast Cancer

Treatment with Immunotherapy

As the most common type of cancer in the world, breast cancer has been extensively studied for over 100 years. Yet conventional breast cancer treatments can cause undesirable side effects — or result in permanent physical changes. 

Immunocine’s groundbreaking approach is changing this narrative. Firmly rooted in the latest clinical research, our approach is among the world’s least invasive.

The Immunocine Cancer Center:

Harnessing Your Power to Heal

Timing is everything when it comes to viable cancer treatment. Tomorrow’s treatment methods may be more effective than anything that came before them, but that doesn’t matter if they can’t be applied to patients who need treatment today. 

Immunocine aims to accelerate the timeline and bridge this gap. Our revolutionary treatment options make the latest science-backed treatments available to all. At our clinic in Cancún, Mexico, patients with breast cancer can benefit from clinically proven dendritic cell immunotherapy in an ultra-comfortable setting.

Real Results with Breast Cancer

Lynn R.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Lynn R. was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer early on in 2022. Despite undergoing several treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, Lynn’s cancer continued to progress and had even spread to her lungs. By March of 2022, Lynn’s cancer had been diagnosed as terminal.

To her amazement, Lynn’s rapidly growing cancer markers stabilized and decreased after treatment with Immunocine. Now nearly a year after her terminal Triple-Negative Breast Cancer diagnosis, Lynn continues to battle her cancer and defy the odds.

Clinical research implies that Lynn’s experience isn’t uncommon. Dendritic cell immunotherapy may be highly effective against a variety of types of breast cancer.

Offering hope to patients that will benefit from our treatment

Before considering our treatment as an option, please consider the inclusion criteria outlined to the right. In order to be eligible, you must meet these requirements.

Solid Tumors

Right now we only treat patients with solid tumors that can be biopsied by our medical staff.

Stable Immune System

For our treatment to be successful, a patient needs to have a functioning immune system.

Ability to Travel

Our treatment is administered exclusively at our facility in Cancún, Mexico.

Six-Week Treatment

Our treatment protocol requires three separate treatments, each two weeks apart.

Addressing the Challenges

Specific to Breast Cancer

Triple-Negative Challenges

Triple-negative breast cancer is an especially dangerous form of breast cancer. It now represents 15-20% of all cases, and features a 5-year survival rate below 15% for metastasized cases. Triple-negative tumor cells can be unusually adept at evading immune system detection, allowing them to metastasize undetected.

Dendritic Cell Treatment

Recent studies from the New England Journal of Medicine show that checkpoint immunotherapy may be capable of treating triple-negative breast cancer. This revolutionary type of immunotherapy allowed for increased clearance of tumor cells at the time of surgery, without causing additional side effects. It’s thought to enable the immune system to identify and attack these seemingly undetectable cancer cells.

Medical Tourism

Just Got an Upgrade

Clinical Backing

Immunocine’s Breast Cancer Treatment is backed by 15+ years of research, 17+ publications, and an ever-growing body of clinical studies.

Complete Medical Team

Our team of MDs, PhDs, RNs, and expert advisors provides patients with unusually comprehensive support.

cGMP Clean Room

We offer an exceptionally clean and comfortable space for your healing, complete with smiling and empathetic staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Immunotherapy is a novel type of cancer treatment that helps a patient’s immune system fight cancer cells. Your immune system can fight cancer — in an ideal world. Immunotherapy helps make this ideal a reality. 

Immunocine’s unique approach to breast cancer combines sampled cells from the patient’s breast tissue with their dendritic cells to make a personalized treatment. This treatment is administered at the affected areas, though it can recognize and attack metastasized cancer cells throughout the patient’s entire body. The end result is a more precise and potentially less harmful cancer therapy.

Breast cancer patients should meet the following conditions to be eligible for Immunocine’s Treatment:

-A tumor that can be biopsied, either in the breast or a metastasized location

-A functioning immune system that’s responsive to immunotherapy

-The ability to travel to Cancun, Mexico, to receive treatment

If a patient is eligible for treatment, our medical team will conduct a complimentary and comprehensive medical review of the patient’s medical records to ensure they’re a good fit for our treatment. This process takes 1-2 weeks. Once completed patients will work with our concierge team to start planning their trip and treatment.

For the Immunocine Treatment, breast cancer patients will typically experience an immune response similar to what you’d experience fighting a cold or flu. Side effects can include fatigue, fever, aches, swollen lymph nodes, and loss of appetite.

Additionally, patients may feel some soreness around their breasts. If the cancer has metastasized patients may feel a varying level of soreness at those locations, too.

These symptoms will reduce over time and typically only last a few weeks. Don’t let these potential side effects discourage you — they are only the result of the Immune System attacking the patient’s cancer and are a positive sign that the treatment is working.

Immunocine’s immunotherapy may be effective against various types of breast cancer, including triple-negative breast cancer. Clinical findings continue to show that immunotherapy empowers one’s immune system to overcome breast cancer. 

The targeted immune response our Dendritic Cell Treatment provides has helped patients like Lynn R. and Sheryl H. defeat breast cancer for good.

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Step 1: Connecting with a Patient Coordinator

Upon receiving your submission, an Immunocine Patient Coordinator will contact you to schedule an introductory call.

This gives us an opportunity to get to know you, understand your needs better, and answer any preliminary questions you may have about our approach to prostate cancer.

Step 2: Complimentary Medical Evaluation

Following the introductory call, we’ll commence your complimentary medical evaluation.

Our goal during the medical evaluation is to determine if you will be a candidate for our treatment. We know waiting can be hard and we aim to complete this process in 3 – 5 business days.

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