The Immunocine

Treatment Timeline

Spread over the course of six weeks, the Immunocine Dendritic Cell Treatment (IDCT) is a unique and comprehensive Immunotherapy solely focused on activating a natural and aggressive immune response against our patient's cancer.

While every patient receives a completely personalized treatment, our treatment protocol is the same for every patient.

Starting the Treatment

As soon as a patient arrives in Cancun, the Immunocine Team will be with them every step of the way. While a patient is in Cancun, our team will always be available to answer any questions or concerns.

  • Day 1

    Arrival & Physician Welcome

    After arriving in Cancun, a private driver will take you from the airport to wherever you are staying.

    Once settled, one of the Immunocine physicians will meet you at your lodging to introduce themselves and welcome you to Cancun. We will also take a few blood samples to establish your medical baseline prior to treatment.

  • Day 3

    Neupogen Adminstration

    To boost your white blood cell count and prepare your Immune System for the Immunocine Dendritic Cell Treatment (IDCT), a member of the medical team will visit you for a subcutaneous injection of Neupogen (G-SCF), which is a natural cytokine found in your body.

  • Day 5


    To educate your Immune System, our team will need a sample of your tumor. Our Radiologist, Dr. Viramontes, will perform your biopsy at the Galenia Hospital.

  • Day 7


    To extract the Dendritic Cells that will be fighting your cancer, you will go through a process called Apheresis. The white blood cells obtained during Apheresis will ultimately be turned into Dendritic Cells.

  • Day 8

    Treatment Creation

    Our team of Molecular Biologists will now start making your personalized treament in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

    In this process, our team will breakdown your cancer cells to unique genetic markers. With these unique genetic markers, we will train your Dendritic Cells to recognize the cancer cells expressing these markers as dangerous cells that must be destroyed immediately.

  • Day 15

    1st Dendritic Cell Treatment

    Now that your treatment has been created, you are ready to receive your first Dendritic Cell Treatment.

    Dr. Viramontes will administer the first treatment via an Ultrasound-Guided Injection at the Galenia Hospital. This process takes no longer than fifteen minutes and is completely outpatient.

    You will now wait two weeks until you receive your second injection. Many patients choose to return home during this waiting period.

  • Day 29

    2nd Dendritic Cell Treatment

    After two weeks, your Immune System will be ready for the second boost. Following the exact same process as before, Dr. Viramontes will perform the second injection at the Galenia Hospital.

  • Day 43

    3rd Dendritic Cell Treatment

    After two weeks, your Immune System will be ready for the final boost. Following the exact same process as before, Dr. Viramontes will perform the third injection at the Galenia Hospital.


Treatment Complete

Your Immunocine Dendritic Cell Treatment is now complete! As you now have an active fight against the cancer in your body, our treatment will continue long after you have gone home.

Shortly after completion, you will receive a comprehensive Treatment Summary with all testing and evaluations included. Our team will continue to stay in touch with you and your physicians to monitor your progress and provide feedback until there is no more cancer to fight!

Immunocine Treatment Timeline FAQs

How long does Immunocine treatment take?


Immunocine’s Dendritic Cell Treatment is spread out over the course of six weeks. Patients have the option to return home midway through treatment, essentially splitting their trip into two visits. Most of the treatment is outpatient, and much of the time is “downtime” while the patient’s immune system ramps up after each dose. However, given that the immune system is a living entity, once reprogrammed correctly, it will continue to fight long after the initial treatment in Cancun takes place. Future boosting is possible.

What happens once treatment is done?



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