Babette’s Cancer Journey: Remarkable Progress and a Future in Sight

Babette’s journey with Immunocine is progressing steadily, and we’re excited to bring you another update on her path to recovery. Now nearly five months after completing her treatment, Babette continues to work with the Immunocine Team, who evaluate her medical reports and scans to closely to provide feedback.

Since completing her treatment, Babette’s health improvements have been remarkable. Now close to remission, Babette’s personal commitment and dedication to beating her cancer are finally near. With the most recent data and developments in hand, Babette has generously agreed to provide another update to her previous blog post.

Join us in reading Babette’s latest health update and share in her inspiring path toward complete recovery. If you are not familiar with Babette’s treatment journey, read her blog written during treatment and her other blog written right after completing treatment.

Celebrating the Power of Immunocine’s Treatment


Well folks, it’s time for me to begin celebrating in a bigger way . . . the Immunocine treatment is continuing to do what it does best!

When I started treatment, I had three tumors located throughout my pelvic area with the largest one 5.2 x 4.6 cm in size. Today, the largest tumor is completely gone. And only one of the initial three tumors remains, which is quickly dissolving. It now measures a mere 2.5 centimeters at its widest point, with 1 centimeter being normal lymph node tissue.

Just 1.5 centimeters left to go. I am so incredibly happy!!!

Not So Patiently Waiting

I won’t lie – the suspense of the last four months has been a little uncomfortable. Although my bloodwork and imaging just before leaving Cancun showed the Immunocine Dendritic Cell Treatment (IDCT) had already stopped my cancer growth, I knew I would only feel safe if the tumors were completely gone.

So while I could have left my cancer stabilized, and it would likely have disappeared over the coming year or year and a half, I knew I wanted the final results faster.

And after consulting with the Immunocine team, they also wanted the final results faster. The Immunocine Team informed me that they have recently seen accelerated results when patients pair their IDCT paired with traditional immunotherapy “checkpoint inhibitors”.

Combining Immunocine with a Checkpoint Inhibitor

As Dr. Matt Halpert explained to me, checkpoint inhibitors “are primarily designed to overcome immune exhaustion and re-power cancer-educated T-cells”. With the support of my US oncologist, I decided to do three Keytruda immunotherapy infusions, spaced three weeks apart.

In conventional cancer therapy, if Keytruda is used, people often go through 60-80 infusions – so getting results in 3 sounded like the best bargain ever!

And it was! My results are amazingly good news. After battling this cancer for four and half years, I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am to see the end in sight. I know my immune system is continuing to work on my remaining hitchhiker, so I imagine that within the near future, I will be completely cancer free with BOTH feet planted firmly again in the real world.

Stay tuned for the ultimate good news soon . . . .


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