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Brock S. (Stage 4 Melanoma)

When Brock S. was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma, he faced a terrifying future. With his cancer growing more than 300% after his diagnosis, Brock knew he needed to find an alternative treatment.

Starting his Immunocine treatment journey in November 2022, Brock experienced a miraculous turnaround. His mobility returned, and his more than 10 tumors started disappearing during treatment.

Brock recently celebrated his 40th birthday, a milestone he was uncertain of reaching!

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Chris M. (Stage 4 Prostate Cancer)

In 2014, Chris was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer and immediately started Chemotherapy. By 2017, Chris was in need of a different treatment option. His cancer had spread to 30 different locations throughout his body. In addition, Chemotherapy had nearly killed him as well.

Receiving our Dendritic Cell Treatment over 7 years ago, Chris remains in remission!

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Lynn R. (Triple-Negative Breast Cancer)

Despite undergoing several treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, Lynn’s cancer continued to progress and had even spread to her lungs. By March of 2022, Lynn’s cancer had been diagnosed as terminal.

To her amazement, Lynn’s rapidly growing cancer markers stabilized and decreased after treatment with Immunocine. Now nearly a year after her terminal Triple-Negative Breast Cancer diagnosis, Lynn continues to battle her cancer and defy the odds.

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Kareema C. (Stage 4 Neuroendocrine Cancer)

In 2021, Kareema was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroendocrine Cancer. Unfortunately, her cancer continued to progress in 2022, and Kareema’s oncologists believed her cancer was now terminal.

After treatment, Kareema saw immediate success. Her cancer markers were now in normal ranges and by October her US physicians detected tumors starting to dissipate.

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Sheryl H. (Stage 4 Breast Cancer)

In 2022, Sheryl’s cancer relapsed and she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with metastases to her femur.

Receiving treatment in April 2022, Sheryl felt her Immune System attacking her once unresponsive tumor in her femur. By August 2022, her physicians in Canada confirmed that the tumor in her femur had been eliminated.

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