Your Greatest Defense Is Within You

We train your body to fight cancer in an unprecedented way.

Our sole purpose is to bring a revolutionary immunotherapy to cancer patients unable to participate in ongoing FDA clinical trials.


No toxins.
No modified cells.
No nonsense.

Because cancer won’t wait. And neither should you.

A Discovery in the Lab and Real World

In 2011, Matthew Halpert, Ph.D., joined a research team of cancer immunologists studying and developing a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment at Texas Medical Center. Dr. Halpert witnessed firsthand the powerful effects of this unique Dendritic Cell Treatment both in the laboratory and in real-world case studies.

This work has resulted in multiple, active FDA clinical trials studying the efficacy of this treatment. While this represents significant potential for cancer treatment, it did not help patients who did not qualify for the clinical trials.

The Future of Immunotherapy, Today

Unfortunately, many of these cancer patients who would not qualify for clinical trials cannot wait for treatment. Immunocine was founded to provide them an alternative.

An alternative treatment that they can truly believe in. An alternative treatment that is both backed in science and real-world results.

One Treatment, Over 20 Cancer Types

Unlike many alternative cancer centers, Immunocine only provides one treatment, a completely unique Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy. It is a treatment that is unique to each patient and has worked across a variety of cancer types and stages. From Advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer to Metastatic Prostate Cancer, our patients have seen incredible results despite being deemed refractory or incurable by their physicians.

Our team is comprised of some of the best and brightest medical and scientific minds in the US and Mexico.

Matthew Halpert, PhD


Jay Hartenbach, MEM


Luis Ferbeyre, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Susana Hernandez, MSc

Director of Cell Therapy

Our team of specialists have a vast array of experience in Cancer, Immunology, and Cell Therapy.

Our cGMP practicing, ISO-certified facility is one of the most advanced cell therapy facilities in Mexico.

Welcome to Paradise: Cancún

Until our treatment completes FDA Clinical Trials, it is only available overseas. Fortunately, Mexico offers broader treatment options for patients who don’t have time to wait.

For many, Medical Tourism is the best option to gain access to treatments that aren’t approved yet or to find lower-cost alternatives. Until now, our IDCT treatment has only been accessible to those participating in clinical trials.

State-of-the-Art Facilities & Service

After two weeks, your Immune System will be ready for the final boost. Following the exact same process as before, Dr. Viramontes will perform the third injection at the Galenia Hospital. Cancún and its sophisticated healthcare infrastructure allow our team to provide this treatment and superior care simultaneously.

Clinical Validation

Immunocine’s Treatment is backed by decades of research, dozens of publications, multiple patents, and clinical successes.

Complete Medical Team

The team behind Immunocine consists of leading physcians and cancer immunologists to ensure the best treatment and care of each patient.

cGMP Clean Room

Our cGMP practicing, ISO-certified facility is one of the most advanced cell therapy facilities in Mexico and ensures the highest quality treatments for our patients.