Life After Cancer: Babette’s Journey with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

When Babette received the diagnosis of terminal stage 4 ovarian cancer, her world was turned upside down. Her doctors discovered that the tumors had metastasized into her organs and that she faced a long and difficult road of surgery and chemotherapy.

The prognosis was grim, and traditional treatments seemed daunting and uncertain. 

“They said it would be a time extension matter,” her son recalls, “and not a curable matter.”

However, Babette wasn’t satisfied with the sacrifices she would have to make in her journey to find hope and healing.

Finding Immunocine

Then one day she happened to get an email with the subject line: Cancer Treatment in Cancun. Thinking is was just another spam email, she was about to hit delete. But then she saw something there that would eventually change her life completely.

“Out of the corner of my eye it said Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy,” she remembers.

The further she read into Dr. Matt Halpert and the Immunocine Treatment, the more confident she became that this could finally be the hope she was looking for.

Her Path Forward 

Following treatment, her oncology team at home were amazed. Where previously her abdomen was filled with tumors, it now showed zero signs of active cancer.

“You can think you’re in remission, but it’s just too small to show up on a scan,” she says. “Immunocine’s Dendritic Cell Treatment chases down every last cell.”

And today, nearly five years after what was considered a terminal diagnosis, Babette is living a full and active life that is completely cancer free.

“This is the absolute best treatment you can do,” she says. “It will buy you your life back.” 


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