Your Immune System Can Fight Cancer

It seems most people are aware that the Immune System fights everyday to keep viruses and bad bacteria out of our bodies. While this definitely is a full time job, the Immune System actually has another job, which is equally important.

The Immune’s System’s Two Functions

Damaged and mutated cells can also present huge dangers to the body. As the body is continually replenishing its cells, the body is continually seeking these cells out for removal.

Cancer is the Result of an Imperfect Immune System

Like all things, the Immune System is not perfect and often performs worse as we age. While the Immune System may catch and destroy 99.9% of all mutated cells, that still can leave a lot of mutated cells growing in the body. Unfortunately, these mutated cells can turn into cancer and ultimately tumors.  This is one of the reasons cancer can be incredibly difficult to treat. These cells have already evaded the Immune System once and can even actively evade future Immune System attacks by releasing immuno-suppressing signals. And thus this ‘trojan horse’ of a deadly disease is allowed to survive, grow, and destroy.

Treatment Choices

Now faced with treating cancer, patients have two treatment types they can use: conventional treatments or immunotherapy. Examples of conventional cancer treatments include chemotherapy and radiation, which take a scorched earth approach to eliminate cancer cells. These treatments are blunt instruments and can often destroy a fair amount of healthy cells as well. They are also imperfect and often do not eliminate all of the cancer. Immunotherapy, which simply refers to leveraging treatments leveraging the immune system, takes a different approach. Immunotherapy treatments consist of a variety of treatments that can simply make it harder for the cancer to hide (Checkpoint Inhibitors), use genetically modified immune cells (CAR T cells), or actually use your own immune cells to create a natural immune response (Dendritic Cell Treatments).

Activating Your Immune System with Dendritic Cells

Although Checkpoint Inhibitors and CAR T cells treatments are aligned in using the Immune System to fight cancer, they unfortunately do not create a complete immune response. This is why many current immunotherapy treatments are combined with conventional cancer treatments or find little success in solid tumors.  Immunocine’s Dendritic Cell Treatments takes a different approach. Instead of trying to help an immune response, our Dendritic Cell Treatment is the first to stimulate a complete and aggressive immune response against the cancerous cells.

A Revolutionary Approach

Backed by roughly two decades of scientific research at top academic institutions, published numerous times in prestigious peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, and now moving through multiple FDA clinical trials throughout the US, Immunocine offers only the most cutting-edge cancer immunotherapy to patients who want to fight. Every person’s therapy is personalized to their immune system and their cancer, made fresh on the spot in a sterile, well equipped scientific lab by qualified scientists, and overseen by some of the top medical professionals in the oncological space. With our treatment, your cancer can not continue to hide from your immune system. 

Your Immune System Can Fight Cancer FAQs


Can my immune system really fight cancer?

Absolutely! The body has many mechanisms in place to try and prevent cancers, including the unbelievable defensive power of the immune system. When mutations happen that lead to unregulated cellular proliferation and the eventuality of tumor development, the immune system steps in to eradicate those cells before real damage occurs. Throughout your life, this process is nearly flawless. “Cancer” as we identify it occurs when there has been a failure of this ‘seek and destroy’ system, and true remission will ultimately require a spontaneous “waking up” of the immune system or an enforced “enlightenment” such as is done with Immunocine.

Can cancer cells ‘hide’ from the immune system?

Cancer can be tricky, and starts by looking very similar to healthy cells that need not be attacked. Cancer cells then have other mechanisms to hide and avoid the immune response. And in fact, therapies that only target a single cancer marker often start strong but then cease to work once the cancer cells have learned that which is being targeted and simply jettisons it. An eloquent machine (e.g., Dendritic Cells) equipped with the entire cancer blueprint (e.g., cancer RNA and total proteins) loaded in the most accessible and measurable way (a.k.a the Immunocine Double Loading Technique) is really the only way to overcome these cancer evasion strategies.

Is everyone’s immune system different?

Yes and no. Houses can be very different from each other, but still share most base components (e.g., a roof, doors, windows, plumbing, etc). The basic tenets of what makes up the mammalian immune system and the mechanisms which perpetuate it are essentially the same from person to person (which is why 1 physiological technique like this can work for so many different people), but then each person will have different immune strengths, skews, and responses largely based on their past experiences.


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