Overcoming Adversity: Al’s Journey Fighting Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

On March 31, 2021, Al received his diagnosis: Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. And to make matters even harder, the news came from his son — a doctor in Pearland, Texas.

Pancreatic cancer, notorious for its aggressive nature, struck close to home for Al, as he recalled the painful memory of his father’s battle with the same disease. The urgency of the situation prompted Al to confront the grim reality head-on, putting his affairs in order as he prepared for the challenging road ahead.

Navigating Treatment

With the weight of a terminal diagnosis heavy on his mind, Al embarked on a grueling treatment process — eight months of chemotherapy, radiation and ablation therapies that took a physical and emotional toll on him and his loved ones. While there were certainly signs of hope, even his oncologist told him that she had never fully cured anyone in his situation.

Embracing Hope

Despite the hardships, Al remained steadfast in his pursuit of healing, holding out hope for a brighter tomorrow. And when he discovered Immunocine, a light appeared. Shortly after his initial evaluation, Al and his family came to the facility in Cancun to begin the treatment process.

“We felt so safe. We were amazed at how personable and caring. When we would go to get treatment, everybody was there.” — Cheryl, Al’s Wife

When he received his first injection, his only side-effect was being a bit tired — an enormous contrast to his exhausting and invasive treatment experiences of the past. And then his cancer markers started dropping. In fact, his recent CT scan from his oncologist was so strikingly positive that she asked if she could do a trial there.


Bold Outcomes

As Al’s journey with pancreatic cancer continues, he stands as a beacon of resilience in the face of adversity. From what was once a hopeless situation, one that cast a large shadow in his family tree, the Immunocine treatment has enormously improved his outlook and quality of life.

“I feel like I could do anything I used to do before I got diagnosed. Just finished playing my first 18 holes of golf a couple weeks ago for the first time in three years.”


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