Triumph Over Stage 4 Melanoma: Brock’s Inspiring Journey

Brock S. had his world turned upside down when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma in July 2022. With his cancer growing by 300% within five months since the initial diagnosis, he was given roughly three months to live.

Now six months after completing treatment and with remission in sight, Brock recently visited Immunocine to share his story.

The Unexpected Diagnosis

Born and raised in Indiana, Brock started life with humble beginnings, but his entrepreneurial ventures led him all over the world. With a renewed focus on his health, Brock was working out up to twice a day and was in the best shape of his life. Life was going smoothly until July 22nd, 2022, when what he thought was just a persistent cough turned out to be something far more sinister. A CT scan revealed numerous tumors scattered throughout his body, making him light up “like a Christmas tree.”

Facing such a grim diagnosis, Brock was introduced to the world of cancer treatments, an often daunting and challenging journey. Despite his best efforts, including trying several nutritional approaches and even going vegan, the cancer continued its ruthless progression.

A Lack of Results with Traditional Treatments

Brock started his cancer treatment journey at the Cleveland Clinic, where he was placed on immunotherapy, including Yervoy and Updevo. However, the side effects of the therapy were devastating, leaving Brock weakened and virtually bedridden. His back was in constant pain, walking became a struggle, and he was confined to a wheelchair.

The treatments were not slowing down the progression of his cancer, and Brock was left with the heart-wrenching reality that he only had a few months left to live.

Learning about Immunocine

In desperate need for an alternative treatment, Brock discussed his prognosis with the renowned Gary Brecka who suggested Brock immediately apply for treatment at Immunocine. With the way his health was deteriorating, Brock decided to take a leap of faith, “I had nothing to lose, nothing was working for me.”

On his initial interaction with the Immunocine team, Brock spent a significant amount of time with Dr. Matt Halpert, who painstakingly walked him through the process, making him feel cared for and valued. “It was the first time I actually felt like a doctor cared about me.”

A Remarkable Turnaround

With Melanoma one of the most responsive cancers to immunotherapy, the Immunocine team felt optimistic about Brock’s results despite his rapidly declining health. Arriving in a wheelchair, Brock’s treatment started in November 2022. 

Fortunately, Brock began to see progress while still in Cancun and he felt his mobility returning. His faith in the treatment was further solidified when subsequent CT scans revealed a significant reduction in his tumors. One of his tumors went from six centimeters down to three, and 50% of his cancer was gone.

Brock’s US oncologist was astonished at the improvement, as his cancer, which had been rapidly advancing, was now significantly reduced.

While Brock was excited about the short-term improvements in his health, the biggest victory was seeing the results of a CT-scan after his treatment completed. 

“Right now, I have two small tumors remaining. One is 0.9cm and the other is 1.4cm. My US oncologist believes whatever is remaining may just be scar tissue at this point!”

Today and Beyond

Today, Brock is looking at life through a lens of hope and positivity. He recently celebrated his 40th birthday, a milestone he was unsure he would reach the previous year.

“I know for a fact what was done here at Immunocine truly saved my life,” he states. His journey continues to inspire countless others in their battles against cancer.


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