A New Approach

to Immunotherapy

From using medications to a patient's own cells, Immunotherapy includes many different approaches to activating the body's Immune System to start targeting cancer. While many of these forms have had some success in treating cancer, prior attempts have failed to fully activate a natural and complete Immune response.

Using a completely new approach to Dendritic Cell Treatments, Immunocine's Immunotherapy is able to not only generate a natural immune response, but one that is comprehensive enough to attack a patient's cancer throughout their body. This complete approach fully unlocks the potential of Immunotherapy and has seen success across a variety of cancers.


Centered Around Your

Dendritic Cells

Immunocine's Immunotherapy is centered around a key cell of the Immune System, the Dendritic Cell.

Found throughout the body's tissues, Dendritic Cells lie in wait for threats such as viruses and bacteria. Once a Dendritic Cell is in contact with a threat, it will quickly migrate to the nearest lymph node to initiate an attack against the threat.


The Dendritic Cell Advantage

With the ability to initiate an attack, Dendritic Cells act as the "generals" of the Immune System.

A Complete Immune Response

Dendritic Cells have the natural ability to initiate an Immune Response. This natural ability eliminates the need for artificial medications or genetically modified cells.

Key to Natural Anti-Tumor Immunity

Dendritic Cells activate NK and Killer T cells, which are widely recognized as the major antitumor mechanism of the Immune System. This natural ability allows Dendritic Cell Treatments to take advantage of existing Immune System processes.

Target Multiple Cancer Mutations

Dendritic Cell Treatments can simultaneously attack multiple cancer markers and avoid the singular targeting issue of other Immunotherapies.


Double Loading

The key to Immunocine's Dendritic Cell Treatment is the novel approach of "Double Loading" a patient's Dendritic Cells.

Where other Dendritic Cell Treatments only load a Dendritic Cell internally or externally, Immunocine does both simultaneously. This creates a powerful Th1 high immune response that activates Killer T cells that attack a patient's cancer.


Once a Dendritic Cell actives the Killer T cells, the T cells release a compound called Interferon Gamma. The higher concentration of Interferon Gamma leads to a stronger immune attack, which generates a red spot in the laboratory.


A First for

Dendritic Cells

Unlike any other Dendritic Cell Treatment, Immunocine is the first Dendritic Cell Treatment to "Double Load" the patient's Dendritic Cells with their extracted cancer cells. This Double Loading simulates a viral infection and initiates specific T cells to seek and destroy the cancer cells throughout a patient's body.

Double Loading Is Critical

As Immunocine's Treatment is not the first Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy Protocol, our Dendritic Cell Treatment was tested against other Dendritic Cell protocols such as Internal Loading (mRNA Electroproation) or External Loading (Lysate).

As can be seen in the chart, the Double Loading process of the Dendritic Cells was the only approach that created significant Killer T cell activity. This directly translates to how effective each approach is at eliminating cancer.

Immunocine Treatment Overview FAQs

Is Immunotherapy safe and effective compared to other standard options?


In general, immunotherapies are more in concert with biology and natural processes, and thus the side effect profile is usually safer and more mild than other classical cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Some immunotherapies have been FDA approved, demonstrating reasonable safety and efficacy signals, while other technologies continue to charge towards widespread adoption. This includes Dendritic Cell treatments, treatments which boost immune responses, and even treatments which use genetically modified T cells to name a few.

What makes Immunocine’s process unique?


What is “double loading?”



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