Jay Hartenbach

Jay Hartenbach, MEM


Jay is a passionate advocate for wellness and innovative healthcare, bringing a unique blend of scientific knowledge, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and business strategy expertise to the Life Sciences industry.

As the COO of Immunocine, he leads the company in its mission to make its revolutionary approach to immunotherapy available to cancer patients across the world. Concurrently, he holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Diakonos Oncology, where the company is actively pursuing multiple Phase 1 clinical trials for a variety of cancer indications using their novel Dendritic Cell Vaccine.

In the past, Jay co-founded Medterra, a leading wellness company with international distribution. While his primary focus has shifted to biotech, he continues to shape Medterra’s strategic direction as Chairman of the Board. While at Medterra, Jay also co-founded Perland Pharmaceuticals, an early-stage biotech company actively developing therapies for arthritis conditions.

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Master’s in Engineering Management, Duke University
BS in Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami