A Journey of Hope: Lynn’s Battle with Triple Negative Breast Cancer

In June of 2020, Lynn’s world shifted completely when she received a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer. She proceeded with the traditional route, undergoing a lumpectomy and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Her doctors told her that with this type of cancer, the chances of it coming back are very likely. But when the cancer ultimately continued and metastasized in her lungs, Lynn kept fighting and searching for a way to defy the odds.

Searching for Hope

With a background in healthcare for more than 30 years and a family full of medical professionals, Lynn started to research new and breakthrough ways to fight cancer. When she read about how Immunocine uses dendritic cells to fight cancer, a path forward began to emerge. She reached out to Immunocine for more information and then took the research and results to her oncologist.

The doctor’s response was completely affirming: “What they are doing makes sense.” And with the support of her family and endorsement of her own medical team, she decided to go for it.

Trusting the Process

Navigating this decision required a lot of careful consideration, but even more trust. It began with a video call with the Immunocine team in which Dr. Ortiz presented the plan and timeline in full detail. That conversation went a long way in earning the confidence of Lynn’s family.

“We felt really good after that phone call. My sons were a bit skeptical, but after we spoke to Jay and Dr. Ortiz and spent that time getting the information, they were really confident.”

After a thorough medical examination, Lynn was determined to be an excellent candidate for the treatment, so she packed her bags for Cancun with the hopes of beating this disease.


A Testament to Resilience

After Lynn completed her Immunocine treatment, she began to see immediate results. Her cancer markers stabilized and began to decrease. Each of her tumors showed significant T cell activation where they were completely unresponsive to previous treatments.


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