Keeping the Faith: Kareema’s Fight Against Stage 4 Neuroendocrine Cancer

Kareema’s journey began in 2021 with a sobering diagnosis of terminal stage four Neuroendocrine cancer. With limited treatment options other than her Lanreotide regimen, she searched for alternative solutions like changing her diet and RSO. While she was able to temporarily slow the progression, ultimately her cancer continued to progress. And just one year later, her oncologist diagnosed her condition as incurable and untreatable. Even in the face of this devastating news, Kareema never lost hope.

“I was online one night doing some different searches. I asked God to just send me a sign and someone to help me. Because I know being at stage four and they’re telling me that it’s terminal, it would have to be a miracle.”

Discovering the Possibilities

One evening, while doing online research to hopefully find a treatment possibility, she came across dendritic cell therapy and Immunocine. She read through the patient testimonials and success stories from the treatment and decided right then to reach out.

From the initial inquiry through the treatment process, Kareema experienced personalized attention and guidance. Their responsiveness and expertise turned any doubts that she had at the time into complete trust and belief in Immunocine’s innovative approach.

“Anytime I had a question, whether it was on the weekend, whether it was in the morning, the afternoon — they responded immediately. Not just texts or emails, but through phone calls.”

Changing the Prognosis

Driven by the desire for a life free from cancer — to be there for her son and family — Kareema followed through with Immunocine. And by the end of her treatment, Kareema was already seeing success. Her cancer markers had dropped significantly to within normal levels. And just two years after her initial terminal diagnosis, CT Scans reported that some of her tumors were actually dissipating.

“Don’t ever give up. Even if the doctors say that it’s terminal, research and do whatever you need to do to save your own life.”

A Testament to Resilience

After Lynn completed her Immunocine treatment, she began to see immediate results. Her cancer markers stabilized and began to decrease. Each of her tumors showed significant T cell activation where they were completely unresponsive to previous treatments.


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