Martin’s Success Story Fighting Stage 3B Prostate Cancer with Immunocine

In 2018, Martin’s life took an unexpected turn when he received a diagnosis of prostate cancer. With 65% of his biopsy cores affected and a Gleason score between 8 and 9, indicating aggressive cancer, any form of standard treatment seemed daunting. Facing a recommendation of prostatectomy, radiation and androgen deprivation therapy, Martin decided to take matters into his own hands and embarked on a deep research dive into alternative treatment options.

Discovering Immunocine

Determined to explore alternatives to traditional treatment pathways, Martin did his research. He dug deeply into non-pharmacological and non-surgical approaches, which led him to uncover an entirely different perspective on cancer treatment – new and innovative solutions beyond the realms of standard care.

Then, upon a chance encounter with a colleague at a seminar, Martin was introduced to Immunocine. Intrigued by their revolutionary approach to dendritic cell therapy, Martin finally saw a glimmer of hope. Unlike his experiences in conventional medical settings, Martin found that the founders and staff of Immunocine offered unwavering support and accessibility. It was their dedication and responsiveness that gave him a sense of confidence and trust.

“Looking back at Matt’s background was really something that gave me a lot of confidence in the rigor of the science that was being applied to the approach, and how different it was than anything that I had been exposed to before.”


Making a Difference

Now, more than a year after his treatment, the masses on his prostate and lymph nodes are stable and confined and he leads a full and happy life in Northern California. For Martin, embracing Immunocine wasn’t just a leap of faith, but a testament to the power of personalized care. The success of his journey has inspired him to help others find their own pathway to fight cancer through alternative treatments; “It’s my way of giving back,” he says.


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