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Immunotherapy vs. Chemotherapy Side Effects: Comparing the Objectives

On August 4th, we posted an overview of how chemotherapeutic side effects differ from those experienced during immunotherapy. Informative, but broad, we decided to dive a little deeper into what really drives those effects and when they can even be beneficial.


Triumph Over Stage 4 Melanoma: Brock’s Inspiring Journey

Brock had his world turned upside down when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma in July 2022. With his cancer growing by 300% within five months since the initial diagnosis, he was given roughly three months to live.

At the time of filming, Brock’s rapidly growing cancer was nearing complete remission — and within two months following filming there was no evidence of cancer left by scan or lab work.

Now, Brock is considered completely disease free and healthy by his medical team. Since completing the Immunocine treatment in December of 2022, he has remained on a healthy path and in true remission, and readily joins Immunocine at conferences to support its mission. We wish nothing but the best for Brock in the many years of life to come.


What Is Immunotherapy?

In the late 1800’s Dr. William Coley stumbled onto an interesting observation, that an active immune response in the area of a tumor could delay and even occasionally eliminate a cancerous threat1, 2.


Is Alternative Cancer Treatment Safe and Effective?

As we now live in an age in which information freely flows and all manners of hyperbole are available at our fingertips through our screens, it is hard to know what is “real” and what is “fake.” Patients that receive a cancer diagnosis often find themselves scouring the corners of the internet attempting to find a better treatment option or something that ensures their odds of survival, only to be met with a smattering of anecdotes, reviews on all extremes, and no real idea what path they should take.


Cancer Cells Hiding in Other Cancer Cells?

As we outlined in our post dedicated to Head & Neck Cancer, the Immune System has the inherent ability to find and destroy cancer cells. In fact, it does this for you every day! Since humans already have this natural ability, scientists are continually researching why cancer cells are able to avoid detection and ultimately grow into tumors.


The Misconception of Checkpoint Inhibitors

As the earliest form of commercialized Immunotherapy, Checkpoint Inhibitors laid the foundation for Immunotherapy as a viable cancer treatment. Further, Checkpoint Inhibitors are able to be produced in bulk and are relatively safe especially when compared to Chemotherapy.


Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Patient Update after 5 Years

In 2014, Chris had Stage 4 Metastatic Prostate Cancer that had spread throughout his body. His physicians gave Chris less than 3 years to live. While he had seen initial results with Chemotherapy, his cancer progressed to over 30 tumors located throughout his body.