Taking Back the Power: Sheryl’s Journey with Stage 4 Breast Cancer

In 2012, Sheryl was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She went through the traditional treatment process of radiation and chemotherapy and believed that everything was in remission.

Then, eight years later, the cancer returned. She went through the same process and had the same positive response. But shortly thereafter, when she had an accident and broke her leg, they found another tumor in her femur. The doctors gave her the difficult news that the cancer had returned and metastasized into stage 4.

Her prognosis was not positive. The oncology team presented her with a plan for radiation and medicine that would shrink the tumor, but ultimately give her a marginal chance of survival. But Sheryl was absolutely not willing to accept this and began the search for alternative solutions.

A Promising Pathway

As Sheryl and her daughter searched for effective treatments, her daughter uncovered dendritic cell therapy as a viable option. Immunocine’s innovative approach — creating personalized vaccines from the patient’s own tumor — gave Sheryl a compelling path forward in her battle. The solid scientific foundation and ongoing clinical trials uncovered a new sense of optimism that Immunocine could help her finally win her battle with cancer.

Taking Control

From the unwavering support of the team to the treatments administered at Galenia Hospital, every touchpoint and interaction was affirming that she made the right decision about taking on the cancer from this new perspective. As soon as she had her very first injection, Sheryl could feel the treatment working as the dendritic cells launched their assault.

Not long after her third treatment, a CT and bone scan from her oncologist revealed that the tumor found in her leg was completely eliminated.

“People need to know that this process is here and it really works because it can save a lot of lives.”


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