Is this therapy available in the US?

With the variety of treatment options in the states, you may wonder why you can’t get our treatment option in the US right now. Why isn’t it available at my local hospital? Someday it most likely will be broadly available, but unfortunately it is not today.

The immunotherapy protocol being offered here is the same treatment protocol going through numerous FDA trial pathways right now.  And these FDA pathways are important and merited, as we should never discount the importance of scientific and medical rigor.  

Though we fully anticipate this protocol eventually being approved by the FDA for cancer patients in the US, this will take years of trials and study…something not all patients today are afforded.  This lead us to look for what options may exist to help these patients in the now.

Our first attempt was to simply license this technology to other groups already set up for medical tourism, as that would have been the path of least resistance.  But not every group had truly qualified doctors in the arena of cancer and cancer treatment. Many groups did not have a high quality, sterile, equipped lab to manufacture the personalized immunotherapy product with the integrity it requires.  Not all groups had access to a highly ranked hospital and equipment.  Many had no certifications, audits, or sterility care. 

And quite a few were offering scientifically questionable options which raised ethical concerns.  Almost none had an ethics board which reviewed patient treatment on a case-by-case basis.  And if not obvious, there was not a single entity that encompassed all these things.  So, what could we do?

Well, the answer became “do it ourselves.”  Due to the lack of satisfactory partner options, we decided that our only real option (if we truly wanted to offer this therapy to patients today) was to set it up ourselves…the right way.  And that is what we did.

All of this is to say, we in no way can vouch for any other medical tourism options outside of the US as it is true that the regulations are far laxer, and the US health oversight system is still one of the safest and protective around.  However, we can confidently say that we have done all that we can to ensure the highest standards are met and that no corners are cut within our program.  Science, care, and integrity are science, care, and integrity no matter where you go.


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