Meet the Immunocine Team: Dr. Gregorio Viramontes


Why don’t Checkpoint Inhibitors Work More Often?

With immunotherapy really taking off in the past decade, many cancer patients are rightfully interested in adding this potential modality to their treatment plan. After all, it has long been established that the immune system can eliminate cancer if properly educated1, 2 and powered3, and that this is not dependent on where or what started the …

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Immunotherapy vs. Chemotherapy Side Effects: Comparing the Objectives

On August 4th, we posted an overview of how chemotherapeutic side effects differ from those experienced during immunotherapy. Informative, but broad, we decided to dive a little deeper into what really drives those effects and when they can even be beneficial.

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Why Is Immunocine in Cancun, Mexico?

Alternative treatment centers are often met with a skeptical eye, and with justifiable reason.

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