Preparing for Your Trip and Treatment

It’s time to fight this cancer, fight it on your terms, and fight it hard. How should you prepare?

The medical intervention will be overseen by the Immunocine Therapeutics medical team, a team of highly qualified doctors such as oncologists and interventional radiologists.  Doctors that have spent decades advancing their education, gaining experience, and learning all that there is to learn about cancer and the potential treatment options.  This is not for you to prepare.

The immunotherapy product is to be made in a sterile, routinely audited, well equipped scientific lab run by trained scientists, such as molecular biologists and cancer immunologists.  This training is not superficial and takes years upon years of study and hands on practice to gain the careful touch that is needed to make such a fine-tuned product.  This is not for you to prepare.

ImmunoCine Therapeutics is here to handle the heavy lifting in the production and application of your customized immunotherapy option. 

What Immunocine Therapeutics can’t adequately oversee is a patient’s internal health parameters.  As this entire protocol relies on a patient’s immune system being able to activate and attack, it would be beneficial then to do things that help support this outcome.  Some things may seem simple, but they are every important.

Adequate sleep is a must. It has been scientifically proven that a ‘tired’ system is a ‘weak’ system.

Finding a way to relax, as hard as it may be, is a must. It has been scientifically proven that a ‘stressed’ system is a ‘weak’ system.

Optimal nutrition is a must. The human body needs a certain amount of protein and nutrients to be able to function correctly. If this is a challenge, introduce a high quality protein shake and vitamins (e.g. multivitamin, vitamin D, B vitamins, omega-3’s, etc).

Sunlight is a must. This may seem odd, but truthfully, humans were designed to respond to the sun with which our world orbits.  Sitting in a dark corner all day is not going to put your body in an optimal fighting position.

And exercise and physical activity can be a big help. This is a fight, it just is.  And if all one can do is lie in bed, then this is tougher.  The lymphatic system (which is a primary way that the immune cells move throughout your body) has no pump and requires movement to adequately surveil your body.  No one needs to be a body builder or triathlete, but being able to move and get around will be important.  Don’t take this for granted as you prepare for this treatment.


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